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My name is Pasquale De Simone, Lino for the friends.

Born at the end of 1975 in the south Italy, between the provinces of Caserta and Naples, and, grown in what it was " angle of Heaven considered!"!!!

Having passed big part of my youth in the country, I don't hide to have always had curiosity for the rest of the world that I didn't know, already to the 12 year-old tender age, when escaping of house, subsequently to a discussion with my father, I even reentered later a few times.

The destiny I bring my family to live to the doors in Rome in the distant 1996.. It was a forced departure, note, in which I totally was not to my ease. but that sign the beginning of mine to become " independent"

I began to work as messenger, the evening I was destroyed, but so determined, and work faded  away in an instant to the alone thought of thing I was pursuing. I continued so' for a few years. Up to when someone gave me the possibility to work in the kitchen, had been always one dream of mine. I had the possibility of it thanks to a dear friend "Er Demetrio ", that left a vacant place, in a kitchen not just as the others.... It was "The kitchen", of the backstage of a telecast that went to wave by Italian TV cable " Gambero Rosso Channel"..... Red Shrimp Channel.

It was an unforgettable experience in which I learned the gastronomic art by " guru" of the caliber of Laura Ravaioli, Max Mariola, Fulvio Pierangelini, Igles Corelli, Bruno Barbieri, Nico Atrigno and so many others names of the Haute cuisine Italienne. I found me to narrow contact with the sopracitatis Chef but above all, their contact with me was totally different from that assumed in a " classical " environment of kitchen and it was more' available less irascible and more' inclinable to the explanation.

Subsequently the politics of this Firm brought me to abandon it without however' to lose my passion for the kitchen. It begins to work in the restaurants of the Italian capital, Rome, where however, I got tired soon me to be the gear of a mechanism of which I didn't want to be accomplice, so I departed to work in Paris.

After a first experience almost lasted one year, the second, in another Italian restaurant always in Paris, it gone up until around 6 years, and I also becomed a society member to the management of stuff like 3 Italian restaurants. Everything this has notably increased my earningses but it has clearly served me to definitely make me understand that more' I " Had " and less " I Was"..

The idea to travel has always fascinated me even if for long time it has been only a dream.

Since i was very young I let me transport from the photos that my uncle Sandro brought from his trips around the world. The idea to can, also for an only instant, to see what made the rest of the world it interested me so much.

And then I have begun.... Europe (Switzerland, united Kingdom, Spain, Portugal), Asia (even if only Thailand) and America (Venezuela, Peru', Coast rica, California).

And when I was just returning from one of my trips, to Thailand to find a friend [[[Big brother Anto' !]]], In the now distant 2000 year I said to myself "my next trip will be in India."
the power to want that this dream become  a reality is still inside me, and I continued to feed almost every day of my life. In fact, it was the force that gave this dream to my life, to make me finally decider and that the priority at this point, was to devote myself to its realization.

Not having the intention, as I had done up to that day, to move me by plane, as it is highly polluting, I was in front to do a radical choice!

Which means he could answer my travel needs without overly pollute the world in which we all live? The answer is self-imposed .... THE BICYCLE!

I almost always had a bicycle, it is not always been my main means of transport, but lately it has become again and more than the other ones.

So if it was not clear  the trip will be from Paris to Bombay by bicycle ....


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